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Free diagnostic and hard drive test tools

I recently bought a Western Digital 1TB hard drive at 7200 RPM for my desktop and I love it! It has a lot of space and is super quiet.

However, when I received it from Newegg, I wasn't completely sure that the unit was working properly, since it was wrapped in a small piece of bubble wrap and nothing else! To eliminate any possibility that the unit has some type of internal errors, decide to try it with some free hard disk diagnostic tools.

Since I had a Western Digital unit, I ended up using the WD diagnostic tools for that specific model. Fortunately, almost all major brands have their own diagnostic tools for hard drives. In this publication, list the various tools you can use to ensure the integrity of a hard disk.

Microsoft error check (Chkdsk)

A hard drive test tool that is already built into Windows is chkdsk . Scan the entire hard drive and look for a wide range of possible errors.

You can access it by right-clicking on the unit at My PC and selecting Properties . Then click on the tab Tools and in Verification of mistakes, see the option Check now .

Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostic

The Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tools for units Western Digital They include DOS and Windows versions and are written to test many different types of WD drives. Only use the DOS version if you have a new system without an operating system installed.

It includes a quick test, extended test and zeros writing test. Note that you can also use these tools to test units from a different manufacturer as well.

Seagate SeaTools

Seagate has two sets of easy-to-use diagnostic tools Seatools, one for DOS and the other for Windows. The DOS version test the Seagate or Maxtor PATA, IDE and SATA hard drives.

The Windows version test any drive other than Seagate and is compatible with more interfaces, such as USB, 1394, ATA, SATA and SCSI. Check file system corruption, broken master boot record, driver corruption and much more.

You can perform a SMART check, a short check, a long check and other advanced tests.


HDDScan It is an excellent free program for the diagnosis of hard drives. In addition to standard hard drives, it is also compatible with RAID array servers, USB flash drives and SSDs. You can check for bad blocks and bad sectors, you can display SMART attributes for a disk and you can even change some parameters of the hard disk such as AAM, APM, etc.

You can also perform regular health checks on your drive and give a prediction about when the hard drive may begin to degrade. It is compatible with all different types of units and can be run without having to install it.

Hitachi Drive Fitness Test

The Hitachi Drive Fitness Test It is a really fast and reliable way to test SCSI, SATA and IDE hard drives. The test performs the reading test without overwriting the data that is already in the unit. It is not compatible with USB or Firewire drives.

Maxtor PowerMax

Maxtor PowerMax It is designed to perform diagnostic read / write functions on Maxtor and Quantum hard drives only to ensure the integrity of the drives. This program is a bit old and really should only be used as a last resort. The other disk drive diagnostic utilities mentioned above are much better.

Those are almost all the free tools I can think of to test hard drives! If you know any other, please post a comment! Enjoy!

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