Android games completely and absolutely free, without advertising or extra payments

Free Android games, without advertising or extra payments: there are

Although they are a minority we still find proposals for free games in the Google Play Store that they have no advertising, no payments inside in the form of micro transactions Nor are they bad games.

Seven years ago, when Android began to pull, months after its launch, we saw how the applications in the Android Market, the predecessor of the Google Play Store, multiplied.

So 6 out of 10 were paid and although that ratio is now different, it is obvious that independent developers or companies that create the games and apps we enjoy are looking for financial compensation for it.

In iPhone there are many paid applications and the culture of it may be more settled than in Android but since the freemium applications and games were installed in our lives that is not a big problem.

Pay, you have to pay

When a game is created, many resources are invested, both human and technical and that costs money, so it is normal to expect some kind of compensation.

If the game is free we can not be surprised to see a banner inside and if it has neither advertising nor cost maybe what we see is an internal purchasing system that if it is well done will be optional and if it is badly done it will be what makes us leave him.

Android games completely and absolutely free, without advertising or extra payments

The Unicorn

But from time to time a proposal appears that catches our attention because of the attractiveness of its design and its more than correct execution. In my case it has been Empty, a game that we talked about recently and that we loved.

But what has caught our attention the most is that being free I had neither advertising nor purchases integrated within the application. By not having, you don't have a donation button or an area to share the application and make it known.

The unicorn for once was not a donkey with a plunger on its head

We have even gone to the web hoping to find an explanation and we have only discovered the two brothers who have created the proposal.

And how do they make it profitable?

And how do they make it profitable?

So I have considered how these two brothers, one designer and another developer, can monetize that work and in my search I have found the answer in myself.

The feeling of being in a careful job, of seeing that those responsible are people who care about what they do and who do it very well that someone in addition to me has had it. Perhaps a manager of a larger company. Maybe a third developer looking for collaborators for a joint project. Perhaps an institution that sees that they can create applications capable of transmitting what they need.

Such applications, of such high quality and without cost are a brutal showcase.

It is obvious that not all developers can afford to do that if while they are worried about finishing other proposals that are the ones that feed them but it is nice to see that they can still be found great pieces of software made literally for the love of art.