The Redmi K30 has been scored on AnTuTu with the Snapdragon 765G

filtered video confirms design and features

Redmi K30

The presentations of the Asian manufacturer could not be more decaf or even wanting. No, we do not say that Xiaomi products are bad, but weeks before their presentation we have all the product information. And, it also happens with its subsidiary. Yes, we already know all the details of Redmi K30 before its presentation.

A few days ago, we showed you a series of images that showed the design of the Redmi K30. They could have been a fake, although everything pointed to the opposite. But now that a video of the device has appeared on the Internet, we can confirm all the details and technical characteristics of the terminal.

This will be the design and technical characteristics of the Redmi K30

We knew that next year 2020 the firm was going to emphasize a lot on 5G technology. And now we can confirm that the Redmi family will also have this technology. And yes, the K30 of the Chinese manufacturer will be a new example of this. Mind you, the Redmi K30 will be a new example of that.

For now we do not know if finally this Redmi K30 will be the expected Xiaomi Mi 10T, but it is clear that this model will be presented on December 10 in China, and that the surprises that it can hide will be quite decaffeinated. More, watching this video where we can check all the details of the device.

Redmi K30

We must bear in mind that this Redmi K30 that appears in video shows mainly the back of the terminal, although it allows us to confirm much of its characteristics. Also, from the front part, where we can see that integrated camera system on the screen with which we were surprised by Samsung and its Galaxy S10 Plus.

For the rest, the person who has uploaded the video of the Redmi K30 confirms that it will look a 6.6-inch screen with IPS LCD technology and a refresh rate of 120 Hz, in addition to a main sensor Sony IMX 686 of 60 megapixels. On the other hand, the front camera will have a ToF sensor to improve its facial recognition system, in addition to achieving a bokeh effect when making very successful selfies.

As for the rest of technical characteristics, it is expected that this Redmi K30 has a Snapdragon 730G processor, in addition to between 6 and 8 GB of RAM. We will have to wait a week to confirm more details, but at least we know that this K30 of Redmi and Xiaomi points ways. Its price ? It should not exceed 400 euros to change.