Facebook waives the plan to include advertising on WhatsApp

Facebook waives the plan to include advertising on WhatsApp

The popular WhatsApp messenger application remains free of advertising, after its parent, Facebook, renounces its original plan.

Although there is no certainty about it, The Wall Street Journal reported that the team in charge of the project was recently dissolved and their work seems to have gone to the recycling bin.

The American media said that, paradoxically, the idea of ​​placing ads in the application was one of the triggers of the departure of the company's cofounders, Brian Acton and Jan Koum, who left in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

Press releases attributed the executives' exodus to Facebook's intentions to use the data of the billion (1,000 million) users of the software, in addition to fears about the weakening of end-to-end encryption.

It was an open secret that Acton and Koum were against accumulating user data and placing ads on the platform, which is why there was friction with the matrix.

That's why the couple demanded guarantees from Facebook when the social media giant offered to acquire the messenger application for the staggering $ 19 billion (19,000 million) dollars in 2014, five years after its launch, complement Digital Trends.

Two years after the operation, WhatsApp abandoned its only source of income, which was an annual fee of $ 1. The determination raised concerns that Facebook would seek to make it profitable through the sale of notices.

Shortly thereafter, reports emerged that Acton and Koum sit baffled about the direction the company was taking under the leadership of Facebook, which precipitated the exodus of both.

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