security improvements messenger kids

Facebook improves the security of Messenger Kids

security improvements messenger kids

Facebook is a platform that has users of all ages. For this same reason, in 2017 they created Messenger Kids so that the smallest of the house could communicate in a safe way. And now, it has been revealed that Facebook has improved the security of Messenger Kids to ensure the welfare of children.

New security features in Messenger Kids

Next, you will see a list of the new features that have been included in the Messenger Kids Parent Board so that adults can understand how their children use the application. Everything is for the safety of children!

Recent contacts and chat history

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Go with your boy chat, if you do it by video or by sending messages and how often during the last 30 days.

Image registration in chats

Discover the most recent photos and videos that your child has sent and received in the application. If you think an image or video is not appropriate, you can remove it from the message thread and report it automatically.

History of blocked contacts

Access a list that reveals the blockages made by your child In the application. There you see the contacts you have blocked / unlocked, and if you have reported any message. Now parents will continue to be notified via Messenger when their child blocks or reports someone.

Remote device session closure

Check all the devices where your child has logged in to Messenger Kids and close the session you want through the Parental Control Panel.

Download your child's information

Now You can request a copy with your child's Messenger Kids information. This includes a list of your contacts, messages, images and videos that you have sent or received. Of course, the child will be notified through Messenger Kids when a parent requests this information.

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All these new features are in the Messenger Kids Parent Panel. If several of your children use this platform, select the name of one to access their specific board.

Now there is a new way to block contacts

Facebook has also updated the way children block their contacts in Messenger Kids. They can now unlock a blocked contact on their own and chats with blocked contacts will remain in the inbox so parents can see them if they wish. Parents keep track of who their child is connected to in Messenger Kids and can remove people from their contact list anytime.

On the other hand, we invite you to see an application called Master Spy that will help you control what your children talk about WhatsApp. Ideal to keep them guarded at all times!

Children can understand how their information is used

Messenger Kids informs children that the people they chat with can see their name and photo, that parents can see and download the content of their messages and that they cannot delete any message they send or receive. In this way, they begin to understand how their information is used and shared on the platform.

And t What do you think of this Messenger Kids security update?

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