Edit button on Twitter? Jack Dorsey delivers his verdict

Edit button on Twitter? Jack Dorsey delivers his verdict

There is a very useful function present in social networks such as Facebook regarding which not a few Twitter users have been speculating for a long time: Edit publication.

It is difficult to exaggerate the frequency with which the main executives of Twitter are concerned about the matter. Usually, the question is dismissed with a carefully prepared no answer or with a promise that the company is investigating it, Wired record.

Through an interview with the same media, the company's own CEO, Jack Dorsey, came to the rumor, answering questions from readers sent through the microblogging platform.

Before the consultation of the user @taisydorres about the availability of the function in 2020, the co-founder of the platform was also very clear. His almost automatic reaction was: "The answer is no."

“The reason why there has traditionally not been an edit button is because we started as an SMS text message service. So, as everyone knows, when you pack a text message, you can't retrieve it. We wanted to preserve that essence in the first few days, ”he explained.

For Dorsey, this feature allows everyone to quote and replicate a tweet without fear that the message they later supported or criticized will be modified.

And, although the social network has tried with the introduction of tools such as a small delay of between 30 seconds and a minute between the sending and the publication of a tweet, similar to Undo the sending ”of Gmail,“ probably never ”implements the button to edit.

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