Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2+ con Cyanogen 11 de fabrica

Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2+ with Factory Cyanogen 11

alcatel hero 2+ cyanogen

Second day of MWC. The news does not stop and every minute we know something new to tell you. This is part of Alcatel, a brand that is given a lot of yes in this MWC 2015. Well last night we met a new bet of the brand something peculiar.

Right now if we have to associate a brand of telephone with Cyanogen, we may all agree that it is OnePlus, since it has this factory ROM and is supported by the team. Well this will change from now on, since one more brand adds to incorporate this serial ROM in your phone.It is already the third brand that does it if we have the collaboration of OnePlus and MicroMax, So from here on we can see interesting things for this market.

The version of smartphone be the same as the Alcatel Hero 2, only with the incorporation of a “+” in its name and do not change nothing in internal aspects, except the software. Remember that the smartphone It has a screen of 6 inches, an octa-core processor and it has 2 GB of RAM. Before the paper seem quite desirable specifications, and if we add the incorporation of Cyanogen 11 It still becomes more attractive.

Little more to say about this collaboration, and just wait in the middle of the year to start seeing it for US at a price of 299 dollars. We will see if in the end we can see it in Europe and see the work of the two brands.

What do you think about the collaboration? Do you see future terminals with Cyanogen?