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8 little tricks to improve the coverage of your iPhone

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Today, not having coverage is strange, although it is a problem that despite the advances and improvements in the networks persists. That is why Today we bring you a compilation of tips and tricks to improve the coverage of your iPhone and improve the experience.

Perform a reset of seal

In the same way that the iPhone is always looking for new Wi-Fi networks around us, it also does the same with mobile networks. Sometimes it happens that the device collapses in this sea of ??networks and the signal and the system that processes it experience problemsThis is why restarting mobile coverage is a very good option where to start when we have coverage problems. To do this simply follow these steps:

1 Open the control center of our device.

2 Click on the "Air mode" to activate it.

Avin mode

3 We wait a few seconds and press it again to deactivate it and have our device search for a network again.

With this method we get very often that our mobile coverage improves, and even if you do not have problems with it, it is worth doing it on occasion.

Remove the cover

This is one of the simplest problems to solve, and while it is true that it is not usually the cause of the lack of coverage, Today there are thick cases that have metal in their composition that could prevent the seal from arriving correctly to your device If this is your case, simply try not to carry a case, or use a thinner case and other materials such as silicone to see if your coverage improves.

Keep your system updated

In the past it has happened that not updating the operating system of our device gave worse results in the face of the search for coverage. Normally when this type of incident happens Apple quickly launches a new update that solves it, so that always keeping the device in the last version is super important to avoid such problems.

iPhones 13 on iPhone

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Restart your device

It is a common solution to many problems in mobile devices today, and It may be the solution to a specific problem of lack of coverage. If some process in the background is hanging the only way to force its closure is restarting the device, so it is a good starting point when we have coverage problems.

Charge your iPhone

No, we are not kidding you. The lack of battery is a problem when looking for coverage, this is why if you tennis your battery in the last and need coverage, try to charge your device until it exceeds 50%, normally you should have experienced an improvement with this.

iPhone charging with lightning cable

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Change operator

Normally the lack of coverage is directly associated with the area in which we are. There are more isolated areas where not all mobile operators offer the same serviceThis is why if this is your case, a good option will be to investigate which operator offers better coverage in your area and switch to it. This will be a measure of last instance but a fairly definitive solution to consider.