Zombie Night Terror

Zombie Night Terror is a Lemmings game where you take zombies

Zombie Night Terror is a new strategy game based literally on what was the great Lemmings, and in which you are going to have to "take" a horde of zombies to kill all the humans that are on the road.

A title that not only remains in carrying the zombies, but also presents an original story in Spanish that puts you fully into an interesting experience. And all this seasoned with a great pixel art, a very special design and a series of effects for the most incredible "zombie" skills we would have ever seen.

A cinematic experience in pixel art

Zombie Night Terror

If we say Lemmings, it means that you will have a series of skills to use at the bottom and a series of actions on the screen to “direct” the zombies that go straight in one direction. I mean, that you can indicate that they take the ladder up or can hit a door of greater resistance so that they can make their way and pounce on those two poor women who are screaming when they see their presence.

On the other hand we have skills like syringe that allows us to inject the zombie virus in one of the citizens who are "living" their history. That is, with a panoramic view you will see the different stories that are told by themselves in the different rooms of a disco or the same police station.

And this is another of the Zombie Night Terror stitches, since as we progress we can see ourselves immersed in the dispute between criminal gangs with the police and how our zombies do theirs. To finally discover the crazy doctor (with reference to Rick Morty) who started everything and that will be one of the main threads of this great strategy game.

An environment to destroy in Zombie Night Terror

Another important tip of Zombie Night Terror is that the environment can be destroyed. As we move forward we will discover some skills that allow us to explode our zombies so that those walls end up shattered.

Zombie Night Terror

And it will be the use of skills that will allow us on many occasions, and as with Lemmings, that our zombies do not fall into the void. It is also important that we look at all the inhabitants who are in different rooms and that in one way or another can be attacked.

All levels have their difficulty and a higher score if we have achieved that no zombie was eliminated or if we have killed all humans. In fact, you will find some gangs and some humans who know how to defend themselves, although with a horde we will see to our surprise, that in those moments of reloading of the cropped one, in the end one is thrown on the brave one and throws a bite.

A devilishly well done game

Zombie Night Terror has a very high quality level and this is seen in many of its details. The animations and the stories that are being told, like that TV that is showing the argument and how more news is being discovered, lead us to an incredible experience to totally catch it.

There are many levels and then there is the one you want to repeat to finish them completely; They are a challenge. It is in Spanish, it has an excellent level in pixel art, it has great animation in all actions, and with that use of lighting, it all leads us to an incredible premium game that we totally recommend your purchase. A perfect soundtrack and some sound effects that put all the tension when the crunch is heard from the shattered door so that the screams of humans begin to resonate until their final death; and the subsequent reappearance like a zombie.