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You can't take a screenshot of iPhone passwords

iCloud keychain

For several versions of iOS we have the possibility of using the iCloud keychain. This keychain is capable of storing the usernames and passwords of the web pages we visit and of almost all iPhone applications, so that just by identifying with Face ID or Touch ID we can enter our credentials without having to remember them.

This is something really useful in the world in which we live in which each website or each app asks us to register, and in addition each one has its peculiarities and password sharing is not recommended. This function can be activated from Settings> Your username> iCloud> Keychain and also allow us to consult all the saved passwords from Settings> Passwords and accounts> Cons. of websites and apps.

Here we see a long list with all the passwords stored on the iPhone of different websites and applications, but what few know is that we cannot take a screenshot of these credentials since the iPhone automatically remove the password from the capture.

iCloud keychain

Passwords are safe on your iPhone or iPad

Without a doubt, it is a security measure implemented by Apple so that, in the event that someone could enter the section of saved passwords, they cannot easily share them by making a screenshot. The iPhone or iPad let you capture, and it appears in the Photos app, however the field in which the password appears to appear empty.

password capture

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This password function also includes many functions, for example it tells you if the password you are using is also the one you have in other services. It is true that we are lazy to change our passwords, however using the same credentials in all sites is dangerous, since if one of them is hacked, they can use them in a large number of sites, so our advice is that, at less in the places where you have important information, use unique and secure passwords.