Ultimate troubleshooting guide for Windows 7 Pending issues

Ultimate troubleshooting guide for Windows 7 Pending issues

Previously, I wrote the definitive Troubleshooting Guide for group problems in the Windows 7 home, which many people considered useful. Today, I am going to write a definitive troubleshooting guide for the outstanding problems of Windows 7. This includes Windows 7 that hangs on startup / crashes, which hangs at the close of the session, hangs when it shuts down, that crashes. hangs when installing programs, etc.

Although Windows 7 is a big step forward in Windows Vista, it still has many problems. I have had numerous problems with blocking Windows 7 when performing routine tasks on my computer. I have tried to collect so many solutions that I ended up using in this guide. Hopefully, someone can solve your problem by looking here instead of searching a lot of websites.

Try to make the guide more navigable by using section headers to identify what kind of hanger I am trying to deal with. That way, you can simply jump to the part that you think might address your problem. Feel free to comment with solutions / questions!

Hanging while on Windows 7

If you have already logged in to Windows and have problems with blocking Windows 7 when opening programs or clicking on dialog boxes or clicking with the right button, etc., you should try the following procedures. Usually, this means that there is some software installed on the computer that is causing problems with other aspects of Windows. It could be antivirus software or just a normal program that you download from the Internet. Either way, the best way to see if this is really the problem is to make a clean start.

Step 1: Log in to Windows 7 with administrator rights, click on the Start button and type MSCONFIG in the search box.

Step 2: Click on the General tab and choose Selective start . Be sure to uncheck the box that says " Load startup items ".

Now click on the tab Services and check the box that says " Hide all Microsoft services ". Then click on the button Deactivate all .

Click OK and then restart your computer. If you discover that Windows no longer hangs, you can be 100% sure that it is a problem with a third-party program or service. There is no easy way to determine what startup item or service is causing the problem. Basically, you have to solve it manually by re-enabling half of the startup items and then restarting. If the problem comes back, you know that the problem element is in that list of marked elements. Then you check half of those and restart again. You will have to do the same procedure with the services if it is not a startup element that causes the problem. Eventually, it will only have a marked element and that will cause it to hang.

Once you know what program it is, go ahead and unzip it. Uninstalling the program also disables the services associated with that program. Then, you can return to the MSCONFIG utility and select Normal Start.