This will be the first smartphone with dual camera for 'selfies' of 44 MP

This will be the first smartphone with dual camera for 'selfies' of 44 MP

It is very likely that we are close to the presentation of the first smartphone in the world to have a double front camera of 44 MP.

Unfortunately, that is the only thing we have of information about the mobile device, since youtuber MrWhosetheboss has published in a tweet the image of said cell phone, specifying that it is a computer that has not yet been launched and that it is the first with said capacity in the front camera.

However, there are some things that can be seen in the image that can give us a signal from the company behind the development of this smartphone with 44 MP in the front dual camera.

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Because of the customization layer and the design of the little that can be seen on the screen, it is very likely that this mobile device is an OPPO, since the wallpaper corresponds to one of those that already includes ColorOS by default, Google’s Android-based company’s operating system.

Although, of course, we cannot anticipate because although everything may seem obvious, the image may have been modified by the youtuber and, in these times, what we least want is to fall into false news.

Having said that, if youtuber did not make any changes to the image, the icons in the status bar are also traced to those used by OPPO in its software.

It should be noted that this smartphone will follow the trend of having holes for dual front cameras. It will not be the first to have such a feature, but it is the one with a dual camera of 44 MP.

So far, the highest resolution is 32 MP on a smartphone and a leak that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G will have a 40 MP front camera, But so far everything is uncertain.

While you can take a look at the following image:

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If this mobile device is OPPO, then we should rejoice, since the company may arrive in Mexico very soon.