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The reasons why using WhatsApp is dangerous, according to the creator of Telegram

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A couple of weeks ago, the UN (United Nations Organization) questioned the security of the application WhatsApp, suggesting that it is not a secure means of communication. And now the creator of Telegram, Pavel DurovHe also wanted to criticize his rivals.

According to his statement posted on the Telegraph blog, Pavel thinks WhatsApp hides many dangers.

In the publication it determines that the application hides a back door through which hackers can access the data of any smartphone. In fact, last week photographs and private communications of Jeff Bezos (the richest person on the planet).

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WhatsApp security, in check


Pavel Durov had already been warning about the risks involved in the current security system of WhatsApp. The controversy has reached such a point that the UN has recommended its officers to eliminate the application and have advised Donald Trump's nearby circle to change their mobile phones.

Given the seriousness of the situation, it would be expected that a company like Facebook would apologize for this security breach. But nothing is further from reality, the only thing they deigned to do is blame Apple and the operating system of their devices.

But Pavel Durov insists that The vulnerability was not only present in iOS, but also in Android. In addition, it was not located in any other application. only on WhatsApp.

From WhatsApp they claim that they have an encryption technology end-to-end Practically magic that spells and repels any hack attack. But this technology cannot guarantee the total security of your data, and Pavel Durov knows it very well since Telegram used this type of encryption many years before WhatsApp.

We are aware that it is unlikely that you choose to remove WhatsApp from your smartphone, it is the most popular messenger application and millions and millions of users use it in their day. But we can recommend that you keep your most private and important data safe to avoid any risk.