Butter Royale

The new Apple Arcade game is a Fortnite food fight

Butter Royale

Apple promised news every month and every week we see the arrival of a new game at Apple Arcade. Coming soon Butter Royale, a new game that joins the fashion of Battle Royale like Fortnite or PUBG but with a more child-friendly appearance. The background of the game is the same but instead of guns and bullets we have a great food fight.

Butter Royale is adopting an approach without weapons in the design of his game which is similar in many ways to Nintendo's Splatoon. Even the names of the weapons are surprising and absurd as Mayonator3000, Breadzooka and Sniparmesan.

A new Battle Royale o Butter Royale

Mighty Bear Games is the studio behind this new game that is based in Singapore and ensures that His goal was to create an inclusive and non-violent game that children of all ages can enjoy.

"Set in the near future, after a global ban on weapons, contestants participate in food fights on Butter Island to satisfy their hunger for competitive action. Contestants use "Nutritionally Operated Machines" (NOM) to throw food between each other during five-minute games, while trying to escape the floods of butter to reach safe areas".

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Butter Royale has an online and offline mode where you play against AI. In the online game mode 32 players will compete alone or in squads of four players in games that will last five minutes. The goal is to defeat opponents, accumulate resources and escape the storm of butter. A total of 52 characters are available to play from "various backgrounds, ages and genders."

Being an Apple Arcade game, We will not find the classic purchases within the application or the ads that this type of games usually have. In a very short time you can enjoy this new adventure on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac or Apple TV.