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The iPhone 11 increases the share of iOS in the most important markets for Apple

iPhone 11 pro cover 2020

We have already seen that the last quarter has been really good for Apple and its iPhone 11. Sales have risen again at the end of 2019 and this has made the company recovers a large percentage of market share globally

Qatar, specialists in market studies, just published the market share data for December 2019 and iOS has regained a lot of ground compared to Android in the 5 major markets analyzed.

The share of iOS rises generously in the main markets

Kantar attributes to iPhone 11 the good data recorded by Apple in most markets, the increases in the iOS market share they vary from 1.6% in Europe to 5.8% in Japan regarding the data from a year ago.

β€œThis was a hugely successful quarter for Apple. Apple risked reducing the entry price of the iPhone 11, but this has been worthwhile, with participation gains in all key regions worldwide ”

These are Apple's share variations compared to last year:

  • USA: 4.2 profit points, reaching 47.2% market share.
  • China: 1.8 profit points, reaching 21.4% market share.
  • Australia: 3 profit points, reaching 43.7% market share.
  • Japan: 5.8 profit points, reaching 52.5% market share.
  • EU5: 1.6 profit points, reaching 24.3% market share.

In the particular case of Spain, the rise in iOS quota is quite important, higher than the European average. As in the rest of the markets, the share that iOS earns is at the expense of Android, since the rest of the operating systems barely have a presence in the market.

share iOS android 2019 espaa-2

As we can see, iOS share has grown from 9.9% share of December 2018 to 14.4% quota that iOS currently has in our country. They are 4.5 profit points, which means how well the new iPhone 11 worked in Spain.