The 10 best combos of Clash Royale Special 2020

The 10 best combos of Clash Royale (Special 2020)

The 10 best combos of Clash Royale Special 2020

Are you looking for the ideal deck? Then you have arrived at the right place because there are many decks but, in reality, what they have in common is the idea of ​​how to play them. That is why today we will tell you what are the 10 best combos of Clash Royale so you don't lose any games this year 2020.

These combinations are the basis of your deck. That is, your deck may vary in some cards but you will always have a winning combination. Everything is a matter of taste and of adapting to the strongest cards of the season in which you are playing. Remember that balance changes always affect the way Clash Royale is played.

These are the combos that will win you in Clash Royale

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Then you see combinations of two cards, Why two cards? Why it's the fastest way you can win. In addition, the elixir you spend is specific to your combo. We do not want to tell you combinations of 3 or 4 cards that can take or to which they can make a counter.

Giant – Witch

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This first combo is one that you have already seen for sure and, although they changed the Witch a couple of months ago, still taking effect. The idea is quite simple:

  • Throw at Giant behind your king's tower.
  • Wait until the Giant is coming to the bridge.
  • Throw at Witch behind the Giant.

In this way, the Giant will receive all the damage from the tower and the Witch har dao in rea to the cards that want to take down your Giant. In addition, skeletons can help you do more damage to the tower and tear down or distract cards like the Prince, the Pekka or the Mini Pekka who want to defeat your Giant.

Lava Hound – Clone

Lava Hound - Clone "width =" 1200 "height =" 675

Although the Lava Hound also serves with the Bomb balloon, the combination with the Clone card is one that nobody expects. And, although you do not believe it, having twice the spirit of the Lava Hound hitting the tower makes things much easier, since it does much more damage and you save elixir with respect to the combination with the Bomb balloon.

The way to use it is simple, wait for the Lava Hound to reach the rival tower to use the cloning spell on top of this.

Golem – Night Witch

Golem - Night Witch "width =" 1200 "height =" 675

This is another combo that continues to destroy towers regardless of balance changes, because It is quite difficult to stop. That is why this combination is still used in Clash Royale during this 2020. These cards are used in this way:

  • Throw at Golem behind your king's tower.
  • Wait for the Golem to be near the bridge.
  • Summon the Night witch behind the Golem.

This combo works because while the Night Witch is hitting any card that wants to beat your Golem, the Murcilagos that invokes are doing enough damage to the tower or even the same cards that want to knock down the Golem.

P.S.: the clone spell is perfect for this combo, we assure you that this triple combination is impossible to stop.

Download – Ice Spirit

Download - Ice Spirit "width =" 1200 "height =" 675