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Super Mario Run for Android is already in the Google Play Store

One of the most anticipated games of the year lands in the Play Store. Super Mario Run for Android will send you a notification when it can be downloaded.

A few weeks ago the landscape of mobile games had a turning point: Super Mario, the mythical console game, reached smartphones.

The point is that it was only available for iOS users, both on iPhone and iPad, which was used by some to try to harm those who were looking for the APK.

While arriving at the Google Play Store we gave you some alternatives to kill time, alternatives that are still valid but will be necessary for a short time.

Get ready: Super Mario Run for Android is now in the Google Play Store

Sign up to download Super Mario Run for Android

The game has already reached the Google app store although it is not yet available for download. At the moment we can register for our smartphone to send us a notification when the game can be downloaded.

Price to be confirmed

It has been confirmed that we will have Super Mario Run for Android available for free but that after a few worlds we must pay to use the full game, the same thing that has happened on iOS.

They have not published that yes the amount of them, which on the Apple platform has been 9.99 euros and has caused more than one criticism. If we are the same on Android, we fear that piracy will be much higher than normal.

Still sure that the figures will be shocking, and already in the AppStore reaped several tens of millions of downloads, which has meant a record for Nintendo, even taking into account Pokémon GO.

Yes we know that we will need an internet connection so we cannot play if we have very poor coverage or the connection speed is too low.