Sound editors explain how they made the voice of Baby Yoda

Sound editors explain how they made the voice of Baby Yoda

One of the great winners of 2019 for the newly released Disney Plus streaming platform was The Mandalorian series. But within this new program of the Star Wars universe, without a doubt, the one who took all eyes was Baby Yoda, a fantastic character who became Pedro Pascal's perfect squire.

The truth is that after the end of the first season, there are now some revelations about the creation of this green friend. One of those has to do with how the sounds were made for the character.

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, sound editor David Acord revealed the process in detail.

I was recording animals in this wildlife rescue just outside of San Diego. Two of the animals that recorded had this really cute, almost childlike quality. One was a bat-eared fox and the other is a kinkaj. Baby Yoda's initial voice was composed only of those two creatures, he commented.

However, that first sound mix did not satisfy the demanding palate of director Jon Favreau, who asked for more elements.

Then Jon Favreau thought that (the sounds) needed to be more human or something a little more identifiable. We diminish the animal part, and now that is there for small grunts, complaints and purrs. We use some real baby voices for when (Baby Yoda) gets really fussy and that kind of thing. Then I have some of my own voice there too, for more articulated, more acute vocalizations. So it's a combination of things, Acord added.

But he is not the only personable character of the last time who had to be voiced. They also told how they voiced the character of The Rise of Skywalker, Babu Frik, who in the film is a droid armed master who works on the planet Kijimi with Zorii Bliss.

Babu Frik

The sound designer of the last film in the saga, Matthew Wood, told Good Morning America that used the voice of an actress named Shirley Henderson, who interpret al Famous Ghost of the Hogwarts in Harry Potter.

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