Some aesthetic details of the new Moto G7

Some aesthetic details of the new Moto G7

The new line of Moto G7 next to be presented by Motorola has not allowed us to leave anything to the imagination in regards to what its appearance. Filtration after filtration we have been able to meet each of the four versions of this terminal in some aspects.

Moto G7, Moto G7 Plus, Moto G7 Play and Moto G7 Power as if we didn't have enough variants Now they let us know some of the physical differences that we can find between them.

Through some renders obtained from the Droid Shout website that look pretty well done as if it were official images we can appreciate:

  • Changes in the notch: It is quite evident that for the G7 and G7 Plus models we will have a drop-shaped notch allowing the screen to have a larger space compared to the other pair that will retain the eyebrow-like style that is somewhat smaller for the G7 Power.
  • Camera: The double sensor is preserved by the G7 and G7 Plus to leave with only one who apparently will be his younger brothers.

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At the moment we do not have technical information, but surely before its departure more leaks arrive as it has been happening lately. What do you think of the new Motorola G family? Personally for my liking, they have been a bit declining for a while, but hey, Don't forget to leave what you think about it in the comment box.