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How to remove the autocorrector on iPhone

Although we usually avoid saying insults or using foul words, it is true that from time to time it is good to release some taco to let off steam.

In those moments of stress in which you only want to express what you feel with those ugly words, you get to write on your iPhone and you get even more nervous when you see that the happy autocorrector modifies again and again the tacos you have written .

In this article we explain how to prevent your iPhone from censoring your insults. Keep in mind, however, that airing your anger on WhatsApp or other social networks can annoy friends and family, so try to exercise some moderation.

Also note that iOS behavior is a bit unpredictable in this regard, and whether or not you choose to correct a mischievous word depends on your past behavior (from which iOS learns and uses to modify its internal dictionary), as well as the version of iOS you are running, if your mischievous word contains a typing error and even if you are using or not writing by sliding.

It is not an exact science, and for this reason we suggest that you work with these solutions and see what works best for you in practice.

Use the keyboard instead of swiping

In the tests conducted on an iPhone 11 Pro with iOS 13.3 (mileage may vary in different versions, as indicated above), we have verified that the previous words have not changed, provided we write them in the traditional way.

They are only corrected if we use the sliding write method, perhaps because there are more chances of physical errors occurring in that format.

It is worth trying this for yourself. If it works, and if you can cope with writing, then a solution will be to use it instead of scanning writing, at least when you're going to write rude.

Update iOS

We understand that, contrary to popular belief, the handling of swear words was not changed in the iOS 13, so going from 12 to 13 will not solve this problem. However, if you are in an older version, updating your iPhone may help.

As a side note, we generally recommend updating iOS on a regular basis unless you have a specific reason for not doing so.

Create a text replacement shortcut

This is probably the most sensible and universally applicable solution, and the one proposed by our American partner Leif Johnson We are going to use the iOS text replacement function, designed to search for a preset letter sequence and change it to another.

Go to Settings> General> Keyboard> Text replacement. Vers all text replacements that you have already configured. Touch the + sign in the upper right to add a new shortcut.

The counterintuitive trick here is that we are going to put the same word in the field of before and after. You are not telling iOS to change anything; You are simply telling him that the word is legitimate. So: put "fuck" in the Phrase field and "fuck" in the Shortcut field. Press Save.

The only disadvantage of this method is that you have to repeat the process for each word you want to protect. You probably want to create separate shortcuts for "fucking", "fucking" and "fucking", for example, but there are probably other rude words you can think of.