How to protect your devices from malware?

How to protect your devices from malware?

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Security on your devices must be a priority and that is none is alien for malware to enter our computer or our mobile phone and try to steal information or even damage the operating system.

But what is malware?

Malware is malicious software that seeks to enter your operating system with the aim of damaging your files, this happens without you noticing. These threats have progressed over time and with technology to the point that different types of malwares are known.

Among these are the viruses, trojans, keylogger, botnets, spyware, adware, ransomware, phishing, among others.

Where are the malwares?

Usually the malwares They can be found in the place you least expect; however, it is more common to find them in programs that you are looking to install on your computer, in games, music files, on a USB and even in your email.

Until a couple of years ago it is believed that the devices that had Windows operating system were the most damaged with the issue of malicious software; However, this premise has been discarded, because by the end of the year it was discovered that the appearance of malwares for Mac grew by 60%.

This may be because cybercriminals have noticed the great popularity obtained by Apple devices that have seen the creation of new types of malwares.
It is for this reason that today all devices must be forced to have protection.

How to protect your devices?

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  • Have an antivirus: It is important that all devices have these types of programs installed, so that they can constantly analyze all the files so that they keep you aware of everything that happens in your operating system and thus avoid bad times. There are different types of antivirus on the market and many of them already have a firewall, an important tool for the care of your device.
  • Operating System Updated: It is important that you keep the device with all the respective updates, so that you will not only be protected by the new tools that the systems count, but also prevent Spanish programs from being hidden between your files.
  • Secure passwords: This point is extremely necessary to maintain your safety. However, thinking of a 100% secure password is no longer such a difficult task, because that is what password managers, such as Dashlane, are a simple installation software, easy to use and with great options in their premium plan, Details about this solution are here. In this way you will not only have security, but also leave behind the fact that you are memorizing all your passwords.
  • Have two accounts for the system: In the case of Windows this option is transcendental, as one account must be used exclusively to manipulate the system, while the other must be intended for games or other activities without such importance. So if you are ever threatened by malware, you can prevent hackers from entering to infect your computer.
  • WPA or WPA2 encryption for the WiFi network: If you are one of those who usually connect to WiFi networks in public places, this should be your priority. In addition, it is also good that you apply this option for your private network, first changing the name of your network periodically and also hiding it for other users, so that you only have control over it.

The dangers in the network are the order of the day, that is why you must take into account the aforementioned tips, in addition to always be very alert to the pages you enter or the files you want to download and thus avoid being a victim of malware.