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How to go back to an earlier version of an Android application

How to go back to an earlier version of an Android application

If you are an Android phone user, you already know that, practically every day, we have new application updates installed. Those notifications that you have new versions can be very annoying, but remember that they are essential for your terminal to remain secure and your privacy is kept safe. Updates are, therefore, something we are used to deal with all users of a phone with Android operating system.

It may be, however, that we do not want a particular update, either because it failed or has disabled some function that we used a lot. In that case, we should be able to uninstall the application and install the version we want. It may be the case that the application we want to uninstall is system. What do we do then before that situation? Well, do not uninstall it, but disable it and then install the version you want.

If you are a little messy, calm down. We are going to offer you all the possible alternatives that can be offered to you if you want to go back to an earlier version of the application that you have installed on your phone, either of the system or that you have installed t.

I want to install an earlier version of a third-party application

We understand third-party application as that utility that is installed on the phone after it is turned on. All the applications that we find pre-installed in our mobile are system, except those that the brand has installed for promotional purposes. They are very easy to identify: if in the Settings menu, in applications, within it You find the uninstall button is that it is from third parties and you can easily get rid of it by pressing that button.

How to return to an earlier version of an application on Android 1

Once you have successfully removed the application, we have to go to a reliable repository that contains all the versions of the application we want to install. One of the most used by those looking for application installation files is called APK Mirror and its operation is very simple. You just have to find the application you want in your browser and in ?all releases? (all versions) you will find the APKs of the previous versions. You just have to download it to your mobile and then install it.