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How to get fit with your Apple Watch and iPhone

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With the New Year, there are many and many that include exercising on your list of purposes. If this is your case, today is your lucky day because in this article we will explain how to get in shape with your Apple Watch and your iPhone.

Surely this does not come again and most likely you already have a smartphone and a smartwatch Apple in your possession. However, you may not be very clear on how to get the most out of them when you do physical activity.

We can't help you get up from the couch and get yourself to do sit-ups. Instead, we can explain how to take advantage of three functions that you will find in the Activity app on your Apple Watch and iPhone to keep your motivation.

How to use the Activity app rings on your Apple Watch

We agree that there is nothing that motivates you more than getting rewards. One way is through the rings of the Activity app, which shows you how much you have left to overcome the health challenges that you marked yourself or yourself.

The most effective way to make the most of this function is to set up a home screen on your Apple Watch that shows what you have left to achieve that challenge. Choose the sphere you want in the section Galley of spheres of the Watch app of your iPhone.

We recommend that you look in the Activity section and select one of those shown there. Just give it to the Add button. Then, you will be forwarded to the My Clock page, where you can tap on it, slide down and set it as your sphere.

Once this simple process is completed, you can see at a glance in your Apple Watch how much is left so that the circle is completed both in terms of the time you have been exercising, the calories burned and the times you have risen per hour.

Do you think the objectives are too low? Luckily, while the calories you burn can be configured, the other two do not. You can change the Motion function in the Activity app.

First, you should go to the screen of your Apple Watch apps by pressing the digital crown of your smartwatch. Once there, you can open the Activity app and press firmly on the rings when they appear.

There are two options: one referring to your weekly summary and the other, to your daily goal to move. You must choose the second one, increase or decrease the number of calories you want to burn every day and save the changes.

How to compete with friends with Apple Watch and iPhone

Surely there is no better way to stay motivated than competing with your group of friends. These competitions last for seven days, during which you receive one point for each percentage of your goals you get.

When the seventh day of competition ends, all the points are added and the one who has achieved more is the winner. Needless to say, all participants need to have an Apple Watch and the Share feature activated on your iPhone.

To do so, you must open the Activity app on your iPhone, go to the Share section and tap Start. To add a friend, you must touch the + (Add) button in the upper right corner and write your name.

You can repeat the process until adding 40 people, which should be more than enough. Once you have added them all, you should start to challenge them. Tap the Send option in the upper right corner and you will be notified when they have accepted your challenge.