€ 10,000 fine for posting a woman's private photos on WhatsApp

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For many it still seems harmless to publish in the own accounts of networks as WhatsApp, the images taken from other accounts or devices, but after the decision of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) they may think twice.

A fine of 10,000 euros has been the penalty imposed on a citizen after he published in his WhatsApp state private images of a woman, as well as the screenshots of the conversations held by the woman with another person, without this being authorized .

Decision policy

The decision is important because it shows exemplary punishment against this behavior that many consider licit, while laying the groundwork for the application of European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) directly to individuals.

A position that has also created controversy because European regulations have been designed to govern businesses and not citizens in a particular way, although in this case, serve as a warning.

The decision

The process began in July 2019, when the affected one communicated to the AEPD the publication in WhatsApp of the aforementioned images, together with vexative comments, to which it is added that the information had been taken from a pendrive owned by the woman and that there was missing.

This action has been considered as a very serious infraction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which can lead to millionaire fines.

In the case of the offender, the sanction has been reduced by considering that the broadcast has been local and is a physical person, not a company.

The polmica

After this decision, what the experts do not agree on is whether the regulations can be applied to individuals or not, since many claim that it was created to protect the citizen against the use that companies make of their data.

In any case, after an exemplary sanction such as this one, users should take extreme care when deciding to publish the personal photos of other users, without their consent.