Download 3D Son-Goku wallpapers!

Download 3D Son-Goku wallpapers!

Without a doubt, personalization is one of the best purposes to buy an Android device as you will have the freedom to install how to customize and change your device as you wish.

One of the most important aspects of any customization without a doubt are the wallpapers which give the final touch so that they are perfect and that is why today, we will dedicate this note to those fantastic dragon ball.

These wallpapers are available directly in the Android application store as it consists of two apps which will help you to place third-dimensional wallpapers.

The first application brings with it wallpapers in third dimension of Son-Goku with the instinct of ultra, this wallpaper is made by fans so showing an incredible and simple animation which does not work too much in the consumption of battery so it does not You will have some concern.

The other application similarly deals with the same character only now that this is a different image and even from the same creators, the applications can weigh approximately 30MB so it must be taken into account before installing it.

First app here

Second app here

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