Discover new music on Spotify with this Tinder application

Discover new music on Spotify with this application to Tinder

If something good have applications like Spotify is that they allow you to discover all kinds of music depending on what you like most. Custom lists are nothing new in that app, but it's not always easy to find something to listen to. And this is where a new application comes in that we have also found very curious: Scala. Have you ever used Tinder? Then you know how Scala works.

The application we are talking about works with the "swipe" style that prevails in Tinder and in other similar apps. What do you like the song that Scala proposes to you? Then slide it to the right. What do not you like? Slide it to the left. With an addition: you can mark the music as a favorite by sliding the subject up. Simple, right? And very funny.

Fall in love with new music thanks to Scala, an application that connects to your Spotify

Discover new music on Spotify with this Tinder application

There are many ways to find new songs. A good example is the list that every Monday offers us Spotify; we also have the Daily Mix or personalized daily radios. And then there are the discovery applications like Scala, an option that, once connected to our Spotify account (whether it is free or Premium), offers us a very fun way to find new songs, groups, artists …

Scala does not contain any more complications: once you connect the app with your Spotify account you can choose what it will take into account to offer you new music: your Spotify favorites or new songs depending on the selection of musical genres. Whatever your choice you will end up in a Tinder-like interface: the background song will sound and you can highlight it right or left depending on whether you like it or not. There is also the option to drag it up: in this way you will mark the song as a favorite.

Discover new music on Spotify with this Tinder application

Not only can you discover new music with the swipes, Scala It also provides the options in the form of an icon. It offers advertising that will appear from time to time between the songs and you can export the discoveries to your Spotify account so you can listen to them whenever you want. Scala also allows the playlist creation to manage the songs you offer as you like.

A very comfortable application that discovers new songs

Scala We found an application as curious as practical: it is very simple (and fun) to find new songs to listen to. Serves for Spotify free and premium and does not abuse advertising, just place an ad between songs.

You can download Scala from the Google Play Store. And if you want the application in Apk you have it in UpToDown.