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Ring Indoor Cam: this is the most balanced connected camcorder

  • Unbeatable price

  • HD video quality

  • Slida platform

  • It lacks facial recognition

  • They can saturate notifications

  • Requires subscription for cloud storage

Are you worried about the security of your home when you are absent? Do you want to know how your pet is while you are at work? Agree: a connected alarm system can reassure your conscience knowing that you use a conventional security method and that they will warn the police in case of intrusion, but … It is not better a domestic system in which you are the only person to manage everything ? Personally, I have been on both sides of this wall and confirm that the feeling of security and control are far superior in a connected camera; In this regard, I have been able to spend almost two weeks with Ring Indoor Cam, and I comment on my experience below.

A camera that enters through the eyes

While it does not have to be a determining factor in this type of product, it is impossible not to be enthralled with the care of the design of Ring products. The American manufacturer achieves something very Apple: the experience of the product starts from the moment you hold the box in your hands: a compact packaging and those called without frustration (which can be opened easily) gives way to a compact camera with a base pivot that invites you to place it where necessary without breaking the aesthetics at all.

The Indoor Cam, like other products of the house, is installed in a few simple steps through the Ring application, which is used to manage other products of the ecosystem such as other cameras and peepholes. As a security measure, the QR code located behind the camera must be scanned to configure the device. And now that we talk about security, we must applaud that Ring allows the verification in two factors of your account, an absolutely essential layer if we consider that in case of attack, hackers will access neither more nor less than the cameras of our house (s , Netatmo, we are looking at you).

Security for all pockets

With the Indoor Cam connected and running, one begins to check the excellent quality of the video recording that reaches a resolution of up to 1080p to which a viewing angle of 140 degrees is added; without going crazy with the figures, the camera, once located in its place, does not escape anything that happens in its wide field of recording. It should be remembered that all this is done with very small dimensions (45.8 mm x 45.8 mm x 75 mm) if we compare it with the Stick Up Cam (60 mm x 60 mm x 97 mm) and Ring has managed to reduce somewhat more than the size of this new product: its price.

Ring Indoor CamJose Mendiola / Digital Trends

The Indoor Cam is sold for 59 euros, which makes the economic issue not really an entry barrier for those who want to live more quietly. Then we will analyze what can be done with a product of these characteristics and what not, but we will continue to delve into the benefits of the Ring camcorder: in addition to recording HD video, the camera records audio and also allows two-way communication thanks to the microphone incorporated into it. This is, if necessary, you can talk from your phone with someone who is at home in front of the camera (or give him a good scare, if that is what you want).

Ring Indoor CamJose Mendiola / Digital Trends

The Indoor Cam has night vision (it can be in color, if you wish) by infrared and with a really good sound quality if we consider the cost and dimensions of the product, and of course, you can see in real time what happens in your Absence, counting, of course, that your bandwidth flow is wide and of good quality (remember that it is HD video). Where are all the screenshots and videos stored? In the system memory, although here Ring has better plans for you: what they call Ring Protect, a system of subscription plans that offer an interesting value added to the product.

The tranquility of a connected camcorder

Without abandoning the mention to the plans and before you run away from it trying to save money, we will tell you that the Basic plan costs just $ 30 dollars and this amount allows you to check the history of videos stored in the cloud for thirty days. Worth? Without hesitation, you never know when a sequence is going to be needed, not to mention that this plan also serves as a backup in the cloud of recordings. But with or without a plan, what we no longer have doubts about is the usefulness of this type of connected cameras: once you install and configure it, you are left with the peace of mind of knowing that everything is going well at home.

Does such a camera replace a connected alarm system? Although they are different products, the truth is that in the end it gives you much more peace of mind a system that you manage and that detects, without errors or failures, any movement in your field of vision and records these images. The Ring Indoor Cam is a sure sales success because it is part of an already established product with a consolidated platform, which adds a price that does not represent an entry barrier for anyone.

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