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Adidas RPT headphones

Review of Adidas RPT-01 headphones

“The Adidas RPT-01 wireless headphones offer good power in music reproduction, in addition to the possibility of using them for long exercise sessions without disturbing them. They don't have noise cancellation, but their design helps to isolate outside noise, up to a point. ”

  • Powerful sound

  • Equalization control application

  • On-ear design

  • Long battery life

  • IPX4 Certification

  • Everything to be used for long hours

  • High price

  • No noise cancellation

  • Low quality phone calls

  • No option to connect wired

Internal headphones and physical activity seem to be the best combination. However, helmet headphones (on-ear) They are making a place in the gym or park, especially to please those who prefer this design to listen to their favorite music.

Adidas has a proposal in this regard, the RPT-01 sports cars, which also have the appeal that they do not depend on any cable, except the one used to charge them via USB Type-C. The headphones communicate with the phone through the Standard Bluetooth 5.0.

Use Adidas RPT-01 wireless headphones on a tubeLuis Miguel Paredes / Digital Trends

In the right hull, a mutidirectional knob that makes it easier to lower or increase the volume of the music stands out, go to the previous or next track; and turn on or off the headphones. All these options are appreciated with a simple control, which also helps to not constantly activate the cell phone screen.

On the other hand, in the left earphone, there is a button that can be customized through the Adidas Headphones app, with actions such as starting a playlist in Spotify with one touch and activating the Google Assistant with two touches. This element barely stands out from the surface, so suddenly it is difficult to operate it in the best way.

UserDetail of the wireless headphones Adidas RPT-01Luis Miguel Paredes / Digital Trends

The headband extends beyond the helmets to find the ideal fit, according to the size of each user's head. And speaking of this issue, the headphones remain well held, even when activities such as running or jumping rope are performed.

Spending an exercise day or several hours on the computer with them, is comfortable: they do not hurt or exert more pressure, as with other headphones of the same type.

Powerful sound

After spending a few days with the Adidas RPT-01, the overall experience is satisfactory. The musical reproduction they deliver is well balanced; Those who enjoy exercising listening to their favorite songs or those that get their best performance, will not complain about a poor or low sound.

User holding Adidas RPT-01 wireless headphonesLuis Miguel Paredes / Digital Trends

It is true that this pair does not have noise cancellation and those who have enjoyed this specification in other headphones, will know that it is a fault that can make a difference. However, its helmet design covers the ear well enough to deliver a powerful sound, even when the volume is at a medium level.

The interaction between these and the smartphone It is optimal, there are no interruptions that could represent a nuisance to users. It also contributes to this that there is a special mobile application, which indicates from the state of the battery to the equalization that has been selected (seven modes), through configuring the action button, as already mentioned above.

Where s there is a negative point is with the calls. The audio that is received and the one that comes out of the headphones leaves a lot to be desired: it is not powerful and gives the feeling that two robots are talking. Thus, on more than one occasion it is preferable to disconnect them to take calls directly from the telephone.

Now, you should always be sure to have the RPT-01 with a good level of charge, since they do not have the option to connect wired to the cell phone through the 3.5 mm port. Of course, your battery promises an autonomy of up to 40 hours and for the tests done, that number is not wrong.

Detail of the Adidas RPT-01 wireless headphonesLuis Miguel Paredes / Digital Trends

In the days of intense training, no doubt, excessive sweat will be present. Adidas claims to have designed their helmets with a sweat and splash proof construction (IPX4), for the peace of mind of those who give everything in the exercise.

Finally, the headphones barely weigh 204 grams, that is, they are lightweight, and together with their flexible, yet rugged design, it ensures that the user will only have to worry about finishing their routines, instead of thinking about what it brings head.


Those looking to move from an internal headset to some on-ear to exercise, they will find in the Adidas RPT-01 an interesting option, with good results in musical reproduction. Its design helps the user to have total control when moving from one song to another, or lower the volume, without resorting to his cell phone.

Yes, it weighs the fact that they do not integrate noise cancellation and that the quality of the telephone calls is not as accurate, but its design aslays outside noise, to some extent.

With respect to its price, it is a bit high: $ 169 dollars ($ 3,899 Mexican pesos), so some users may opt for an internal pair with a lower price and noise cancellation for their sports days.

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