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Chrome for Android remind us that we have many tabs open

Google Chrome

Unless you're a very methodical person, it's unlikely that you usually remember to check out Chrome, check the number of tabs you have open to proceed to close them, a task that we should perform more often than practically nobody does. On Google they know it and want to fix it.

Google has just added a new function, available from version 79, and in the testing phase that will remind us that we have long open tabs in the browser so that already it's time we closed them, especially since it probably shows information that is not useful or outdated.

close Google Chrome tabs

Once we have enabled this function, in the icon that shows the number of open tabs and with which we can access all of them, a message will be displayed that invites us to close the tabs that we have not visited for a long time and that probably does not show updated information. At the moment we do not know what is the time established by Google to categorize the tabs with outdated information.

We don't have much more information about how this function works, just like we don't know if it will finally come sometime in the next Chrome updates. What we can do at the moment is to try it, but for this, we must first activate the function through the following command:

chrome: // flags / # enable-close-tab-suggestions

This command must be written in the navigation bar. To activate it, we must click on the Default button (which is disabled by default). To activate it natively, we must select Enabled. If we want it to be available only for a certain period, we can select between 4 hours, 8 hours and 7 days. For the changes to take effect, the browser invites us to restart it.