Xiaomi shoots in Spain with surprising growth

Xiaomi shoots in Spain with surprising growth

Xiaomi is on its way to snatch Samsung's post as the manufacturer that sells most smartphones in Spain. According to Shou Zi Chew, chief financial officer and international president of Xiaomi, the Chinese company had amazing growth during the last quarter of 2019 to locate only one percentage point behind Samsung.

The manager of Xiaomi shared figures in his Twitter account, where he confirmed that they were the company with the highest growth among the five main suppliers in Spain, France and Italy during Q4 2019.

The shared graphics show an unbeatable Xiaomi, with an annual increase of 66%, surpassing Apple and positioning itself with 23% of the quota. Samsung and Apple also register positive numbers during the quarter thanks to the successful sales of the Galaxy A series and the iPhone 11.

The information shared by Shou Zi Chew also evidence of the crisis Huawei is experiencing in Europe. While in Spain it had one every 10%, in countries such as France or Italy the figures are much worse than the company could imagine, leaving Samsung and Apple as undisputed leaders.

The US veto could be the big culprit of this debacle, although the good news for Huawei is that its sales in China have saved it during this quarter to remain second in the global market share.

These numbers will change significantly in 2020 with a Xiaomi that does not stop selling in the mid and low range. In this segment Samsung seeks to become more competitive thanks to external production. Roh Tae-moon, leader of the mobile division, has promoted a strategy to reduce the cost of manufacturing its products and thus compete more strongly with Xiaomi, Huawei and other Chinese companies.

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