View the embedded lyrics of your MP3 with Musicolet

View the embedded lyrics of your MP3 with Musicolet

There is a wide variety of players in the Google Play Store, but if we look for any with a feature that stands out from others, such as the Perfect display of song lyrics, this is Musicolet.

We have already talked about this music player more than 3 years ago, which we are rescuing for one of the options for which it has become famous: it is able to perfectly visualize the lyrics of the Mp3 you have So if someone else has given you problems and you need one precisely for song lyrics, look no further. Go for it.

Musicolet to play your audios with lyrics


There are few who seek this feature to be able to sing your favorite songs with the lyrics that are playing while that special song is playing. What happens is that not all players work as they should with the lyrics that are already included in the same theme song. That is, the Mp3 already comes with the embedded letters; and it really is a mere kilobytes of data barely perceptible in size.

We can almost say that Musicolet is perfect in this regard. In fact, it supports disconnected letters embedded in audio files as ID3 tag. And even has your ID3 tag editor to improve them and leave them just like the original. It also supports .Irc files for synchronized letters; that is, while the song is playing the lyrics are displayed and it is perfect to be able to sing those songs while you spend time with friends and colleagues.

It is mainly the feature that has caught our attention this music player and that only play files that we have locally. That is, nothing is done by streaming. It forces you to have your music library in local files, either in the internal memory or from that microSD card where you have gigabytes of musical themes.

A music player without ads with much more

Musicolet lyrics

But apart from being able to perfectly visualize the lyrics of the songs and even edit them from its editor, Musicolet provides much more. It has no advertising, and this in itself is already a value to consider. It is not easy to find players that offer so much for nothing, so if you were still doubting, we are almost forcing you to install it on your mobile.

Another of its most important features are the queues. They are used to add and manage other queues while playing one. That is, as a playlist we have those queues and have a limit of 20 to create. But you also have to talk about your design, pulling minimalist and without much display to make the experience of playing your favorite music easy. In fact, it has all the main components in a single row so you can easily access them with a simple and single press. This helps in the experience itself.

But there is much more like headphone controls, folder scanning, own equalizer, tag editor, sleep timer for music to stop, widgets, screen lock, dark theme, 100% free And it's offline. That is, you do not need the Internet to enjoy all its possibilities and that there are many.

Although as we have said before, of all of them we are left with their ability to perfectly visualize the lyrics your editor to modify them if we saw that there is an error in them. A light player with a lot of potential and that has received thousands of positive reviews to place itself in a very special position before others with more experience such as PowerAMP.

A unavoidable appointment with Musicolet if you use MP3 with embedded lyrics and that also offers many very interesting features for a free music player without ads and that does not need an Internet connection. If you didn't get to try it, it's time.

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