Twitter release the function of responding with emojis

Twitter release the function of responding with emojis

Expressions are important in a face-to-face conversation, since a smile or a grimace of disgust sometimes says much more than words. And maybe that's what you want to start emulating Twitter with the new update that I announced this Thursday, January 23.

It is the incorporation of emojis to respond in direct messages (DM) through the cell phone and that will be displayed at the end of the last response received with a heart and a plus sign that allow adding other options.

The same company of Jack Dorsey commented with a tweet the incorporation of this function.

“Say more with new emoji reactions for direct messages! To add a reaction, click on the cone that appears when you hover over the message on the web or double-tap the message on the mobile and select an emoji from the pop-up window, ”they pointed out.

As you can see in the Twitter message, now in addition to the heart, the options include the smiling face, the grimace of surprise, the sad face, a flame of fire and the classic finger up and down.

In its support page, the social network of the bird that makes a clarification about being able to undo the messages.

“You can undo a reaction at any time and be removed from the message for all participants. Click or tap a reaction in a conversation to see what reaction to the message. In addition, all conversation participants will receive a notification each time a new reaction is added to a message. ”

Also in that section, Twitter informed that, “lpeople who use an earlier version of the Twitter application for iOS or Android that does not support message reactions will see the reactions shown as text-based messages. ”

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