Twitter limit deepfakes and other manipulated content

Manipulated content will be limited as of March 5 on Twitter. Twitter is one of the social networks in which there are more montages, Deepfakes or manipulated images, so the bluebird social network has shown some novelties that it brings with this new policy.

Content manipulated on social networks is worrisome due to the amount of fake news shown every day through images or montages. The main problem with these montages and Deepfakes is that many users believe they are true when they really are not and They usually damage the image of politicians and companies.

As of March 5, Twitter join the control of manipulated content as Instagram already did. In the case of Twitter, and like it happens on Instagram, we can continue to see the photograph, although before that we must know that it is about manipulated content, and, therefore, false.

Unlike Instagram, which only reviews the photo, Twitter evaluate the following aspects of the tweet:

  1. The text that accompanies the tweet.
  2. The metadata associated with the contents.
  3. The profile information of the person who shares the content.
  4. The websites linked in the user's profile or found in the tweet next to the photograph.

These sections are key for the regulation of the manipulated content since, if not, it could be the end of the memes or content made not to inform, but to make us laugh.

Notably Twitter users themselves can also report tweets as until now, although for now we do not know if Twitter has the help of external companies to verify if an information is false or true.

Image - Twitter will limit deepfakes and other manipulated content

The consequences of creating this type of content that, starting on March 5, violate Twitter's use policies, so it is to be hoped that they can suspend or even close the account within the social network.

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What do you think about the new Twitter policies? Do you think that we can grant truthful information more easily?