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This is how screenshots are made with the voice on the iPhone


It has happened to all of us to want to do something with our device and have our hands busy or dirty and not able. Unfortunately we cannot solve this for all circumstances but at least if by the time we want to make a screenshot. We owe this to iPhone Voice Control, which allows the iPhone to be instructed to perform specific actions.

To make a screenshot on the iPhone with your voice, the first thing to do is make sure we have Active Voice Control, because if it doesn't work. For this we access Settings-> Accessibility-> Voice control-> Configure voice control. From here we show a screen with some of the commands we can use to use voice control, we will first continue and then down to Ok.

After this we can establish a quick command to activate and deactivate voice control. For this we will go to Settings-> Accessibility-> Quick function, and inside we will press on Voice Control, so that a blue tick appears above the command.

Voice control

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With these two options configured you are ready to take screenshots with your voice. To do this you just have to follow these steps:

1 Quickly press the "Home" button or the side lock button 3 times in case you have an iPhone from the X onwards.

The voice control will be activated. We will realize this because a blue microphone appears in the upper right part of the screen.

2 When the microphone appears, say ?Take a screenshot? or ?Take a screenshot?.

The iPhone proceed to perform the capture automatically.

Once the capture is done, if we want to visualize it with voice control We can also ask the iPhone to open Photos To be able to see her. We will simply say "Open Photos".

If after this you are not going to use it again or have activated it only for a particular circumstance, you can deactivate voice control again by pressing again 3 times on the Home button or on the side button lock on the iPhone from X onwards.