Sebastian Jimenez

The Wonderful 101: Remastered Kickstarter for PC, PS4 and Switch

Platinum Games has just launched a Kickstarter for one of its most iconic Wii U exclusives. You can now support the development of The Wonderful 101: Remastered that points to a port for Nintendo Switch, PC and PlayStation 4. [/ embed]

One of the gems overlooked by Wii U is getting a second chance at life in the form of current generation ports. Well, more or less. In fact, t Players are asked to realize this dream by directly financing the portability efforts of Platinum Games. Just last week, rumors made their way through the Kickstarter's Internet today, but some were still incredulous. After all, while reaching cult status among hardcore players, The Wonderful 101 was a financial failure.

However, that has more to do with the system in which it was launched and not with the game itself. Being exclusive to Wii U was a death sentence for almost all games that were not a basic Nintendo IP. And with Platinum Games presenting a completely new IP, the possibilities were reduced even more.

The Wonderful 101 is an action and adventure game "Unite Action" developed by PlatinumGames Inc., directed by the luminaire of the action game Hideki Kamiya, and originally released for Nintendo Wii U.

However, that's all in the past, and the Japanese developer is trying to give his excellent game a second chance by significantly expanding the audience. But with a warning. If the Kickstarter manages to accumulate more than $ 50K, a Switch version is promised. A PC version requires $ 250k in funds and a PlayStation 4 version asks for a strong $ 500k. Worship game or not, half a million of the player community is a difficult task. At the time of writing, the financing already exceeded $ 230k, so the Switch and Steam ports are safe.

You can finance The Wonderful 101: Remastered through a wide range of promises between ~ $ 40, which offers you a digital version, up to a ridiculous ~ $ 5100. As is customary with the Kickstarters, the greater your commitment, the more gifts you throw Platinum Games These range from stickers, pendants, t-shirts and much more. Go to the Kickstarter page for more information.