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The OnePlus Concept One is shown in black, while they tell us more about its design

OnePlus keeps talking about OnePlus Concept One, the conceptual telephone that he presented to us at CES 2020. Kevin Tao, of the Industrial Design team has given a series of explanations about the reason for this design shown and about his hidden camera system. It also shows us two new images of the device, although in this case it is a black finish model, an early prototype that finally appeared in a striking orange.

OnePlus Concept One

A terminal that we may never see

First of all you have to remember that we talk about a concept, a way in which the company shows us an advance of its future plans in design and functionalities, but that at all represents that we can get to see an ace terminal in the market. Another thing is that parts of the OnePlus Concept One design, such as the use of leather or glass that hides the cameras, will be implemented in future smartphones.

In the published interview, Tao talks about how the electrochromic glass It can become transparent in just 0.7 seconds, allowing cameras to look. This will allow them in the future to offer terminals with a more refined finish and free of protruding parts to house these cameras.

OnePlus Concept One

Tao also wanted to make it clear that the configuration of the camera shown, with this glass to hide it, is an experiment for the future for smartphone design. A test in which the OnePlus R&D team and products continue to work to improve the technology behind them.

It seems that it is too early to think about seeing this design in the short term, and it is possible that OnePlus will be late to launch it. Of course, we look forward to the day that happens and what new design possibilities to offer.

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