The new fashion arrives: the influencers of the coronavirus

The epidemic of coronavirus 2019-nCoV It is causing worldwide concern, with its corresponding reflection in social networks. Instagram, where appearance and style are key, has seen influencers with mask in the publications

An example is the infuencer @jeii_pong of the photo above, which from his Instagram account gives tips to wear the mask to its 423,000 followers, while taking photos in an elegant pose.

Is the WhatsApp of the Ministry of Health about the coronavirus true?

In fact, the use of facial masks is relatively common in many areas of Asia during the winter, and many people use them to avoid catching flu and colds, as a sign of consideration.

It is not so strange to see photos and Stories with these facial masks, but with the coronavirus it has increased considerably, and even use the hashtag #coronavirus to go out in the searches.

Alongside the photos, tips for the coronavirus are usually included, including way to wash your hands or symptoms to consider.

Other influencers of a lower level propose different approaches. In the case of youtuber @ gloria.cmy (42,700 followers) I uploaded a photo of his day at a fast food restaurant, and @ashleyema (13,800 followers) took the opportunity to combat the rejection that Chinese and other Asians are suffering in certain situations:

Image - The new fashion arrives: the influencers of the coronavirus

Certain publications are unexpected, such as the account of @lupita_marin__ (426,000 followers), who has put on a mask with a bikini and boots, or @ terataka2018 (822,000 followers), a dog protected against the coronavirus:

Image - The new fashion arrives: the influencers of the coronavirus

It is difficult to classify these "influencers of the coronavirus", in some cases they clearly take advantage of the virus to make themselves known, some offer advice and others only show how it has affected their day to day.

It also attracts attention @coronavirusplague and the like, which collect memes about the disease. Considering that it has caused hundreds of deaths and an important social alarm, it may not be the best approach.

Image - The new fashion arrives: the influencers of the coronavirus

The Internet has been filled with resources against this threat, including online maps of the impact of the coronavirus, but also quite a lot of medical noise. Although the attitude of some influencers is somewhat superficial, we must not forget that Instagram is a network oriented to entertainment and not to information.

Hopefully, in a few weeks the virus 2019-nCov will be controlled, but in the meantime it has not only caused human losses, it has also affected the technology sector, including LG's announcement that it does not attend MWC to avoid the coronavirus.