The Mandalorian announced date for its second season

The favorite streaming character of 2019, Baby Yoda, already has a re-release date for 2020, as Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, confirmed that October will be the month of this year where the adventures of The Mandalorian will return to the platform.

All this happened in the framework of the delivery of the company's financial balance, where they took advantage of delivering some news about the star program that has catapulted Disney Plus in its first three months.

And among those updates that could be for the series that stars the Chilean Pedro Pascal and the little green friend, is the right spin-off option of other characters.

about Disney Plus

It was Iger himself who slipped this idea into statements collected by Collider.

The priority in the coming years is television, with season 2 of The Mandalorian in October, and then more of The Mandalorian thereafter, including the possibility of infusing it with more characters and the possibility of bringing those characters on their own address in terms of series, said the CEO of Disney.

About the second season, although no further details were delivered, it is possible that the plot focuses on the mysterious character of Moff Gideon, who appeared in the last chapter of the first installment and it is not ruled out that some characters from the trilogas of the Skywalker may have an appearance.

Great subscription increase in Disney Plus

And as a result of The Mandalorian's success, Disney Plus announced that in its first three months it has so far added up to 28.6 million paid subscribers, which constitutes an exceptional figure considering that nothing is released in the Marvel universe and that there are several new features still in your pocket.

That also counting that Disney Plus is only available in five countries and that its global expansion is only expected to begin as of 2020 in Europe and in other markets such as Latin America and Asia.

Just as a reference to understand this milestone: Netflix, which began offering its streaming service 13 years ago, has 67.7 million paid subscribers in the United States and Canada.

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