The iPhone SE 2 is very close, reveal its release date

The iPhone SE 2 is very close, reveal its release date

There has been much talk about the possible arrival of iPhone SE 2 by 2020, since the phone has been in rumors since the end of 2018, however, in 2019 they increased, which makes us think that this phone is a reality. And now, one of the analysts with the greatest weight in regards to Apple leaks has mentioned that the phone is closer to being presented than we think.

The iPhone SE 2 will arrive in March

It has been mentioned that in March Apple will have a hardware event where it appears to present new iPad, however, Mark Gurman, Bloomberg collaborator and analyst of the technology industry, mentions that this new phone will be presented in March, and that its production will begin on next month

Although Gurman is based on estimates, the analyst has mentioned that the suppliers of this phone will be Hon Hai, Pegatron and Wistron, companies that have already worked with Apple in the past, so this idea makes much more sense.

What is strange
is that there is no mention of Foxconn, which is undoubtedly the number 1 partner of
Apple in regards to hardware, although with the problems between China and
United States, the company is likely to try other partners for this new

What will the iPhone SE 2 be like?

Another important analyst such as Ming Chi Kuo, revealed that the iPhone SE2 will actually be a renewal of the iPhone 8, that is, we will basically have the same design with thick frames, without Face ID and of course with the return of the Touch ID.

This iPhone will have a 4.7-inch LCD screen and the big difference with the iPhone 8 will be its processor, which seems to be the same as the one mounted on the iPhone presented in September last year, that is, the A13 Bionic chip.

Regarding its price, this same analyst reveals that it will go on sale for 399 dollars, that is, about 8 thousand pesos at the exchange rate, so that its great attraction is precisely the price, something that will ensure it is a super sales in 2020

Apple may be working on an iPad with 5G for the same year