Telegram is updated with three new types of surveys

Telegram is updated with three new types of surveys

telegram surveys update

Telegram is about to receive a new update, the first of this year 2020. The messenger application has confirmed in an official statement on its blog that from now on the surveys will feature visible votes, multiple responses and a questionnaire mode. An update with which, the open code alternative to WhatsApp, receives news to keep its large mass of users.

Since Telegram add surveys for groups and channels, these have been used for all kinds of purposes, from deciding a restaurant to eat or to organize events. With the new update the application offers three new types of surveys. On the one hand, it has been confirmed that users can now create surveys that allow everyone in the group see who votes and what votes. Of course, it is still possible to create very interesting surveys so that nobody discovers such data.

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In the same way, now it is also possible select multiple responses in the surveys, something necessary when more than one option is needed as a solution. Another new feature in landing on Telegram is the test mode or questionnaire, so now the surveys have a way Quiz, in the purest style ‘Quin wants to be a millionaire’. Surveys that only have a correct answer and that can match users, even help them review their exams. The correct answers cause a rain of confetti.

Visible votes, multiple responses and a ‘Quiz’ mode

telegram visible votes

It should be remembered that Surveys can be created in both groups and channels. To do this you just have to choose the option Poll In the attached menu, write the question and add the possible answer options. Telegram has also confirmed that all new types of surveys are compatible with the available Bot API update, so bot developers can take advantage of this new functionality.

In addition to the new surveys, the messenger application has also undergone a visual modification. In this way, if users find that their Telegram messages are too modern to be square, now they can change the appearance of message bubbles in Configuration. Finally, and as in iOS, now Android users View exact progress counters when downloading or uploading files.