Telegram is blocked in Russia, for defending the privacy of its users!

Telegram, one of the popular and used instant messaging applications in America and Europe has been censored in Russia.

The reason why Telegram was censored in Russia is because its CEO and founder, Pavel Durov, decided not to hand over the encryption keys of the chats to the government, specifically to the Federal Security Service (FSB), formerly known as the KGB .

Due to this action, Pavel Durov had to pay a fine of 800 thousand rubles, that is to say more than 300 thousand Mexican pesos, and the government threatened to block the application if the keys were not handed over. This threat was imposed today. Roskomnadzor media regulatory agency in Russia, order to block the application to all operators in the country.

For his part, Pavel Durov, mentioned in his Twitter account, that the privacy of users is not for sale, and that human rights should not be compromised by the fear of greed. In addition to this, he mentioned that within a very short time the application of Telegram and Telegram X will have native anti-blocking functions, but total operation is not guaranteed without the use of a VPN.

As if that were not enough in the United Kingdom, the same thing is sought with Telegram and WhatsApp under the same counter-terrorism argument, the truth is and even declare it, the same Telegram CEO that the terrorists will always find a way to keep communicated through others encrypted applications, or even creating your own messenger service.

This type of situation is very alarming for thousands of users because yes, one government has already imposed this type of regulations that will cause another government not to opt for this decision …

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