Telegram creates public, multiple and trivial voting polls

Telegram just released an update with several improvements in the surveys, which now allow see what each user has voted, give us the option of choose several answers and make it easy to create questionnaires, to ask trivial questions.

Telegram continues to present news to stay ahead of WhatsApp in features (not in number of users), and today adds 3 new types of surveys useful in different situations, for use in groups and channels.

Public Votes

Normally, Telegram surveys do not let you know who has answered, but now you can configure responses to be public. Everyone see the votes and who cast them, apart from the percentage of each response.

Image - Telegram creates public, multi-vote and trivial polls

The idea makes sense, because in some cases we would prefer that the survey be transparent, especially if a joint decision is being made. The possibility that the votes are animate is preserved, so in that sense no limitations are added.

Multiple Answers

Sometimes we want the group members can choose more than one option, and Telegram has added the possibility. That is, if you enable multiple responses, all options can be checked, it is not possible to set a limit.

Image - Telegram creates public, multi-vote and trivial polls

It can also be useful for reaching agreements in groups, so that members indicate all their preferences. If we also choose that the answers are public, make everything clearer.

Trivial questionnaires

Telegram has translated the "quiz" surveys as questionnaires in Spanish, a name that might not reflect its objective: to raise questions in the style of a trivial or a television show, with a correct answer to find out.

Image - Telegram creates public, multi-vote and trivial polls

In fact, at hit a confetti animation shown celebrating the success. This news is useful in groups, but Telegram wants to take it further, and has created the Bot API and Quiz Bot to make it easy to generate these questionnaires, send them to users and compare results globally.

We have already explained what an API is, a series of tools that allow developers to take advantage of various functions, in this case the trivial questionnaires.

We have also presented the best Telegram bots, very versatile automatic response systems, so they will be part of the process to create the questionnaires in the style of a television contest.

Finally, Telegram has retouched two additional details: let us set how rounded talk balloons look, and Android downloads show your exact progress in megabytes, something that was already available on iOS.

In addition, the new Telegram surveys are very simple to create, continue to appear next to the menu to send photos, files and locations, so they are very handy in the application interface.