Take your team through the Stone Age in Ulala for Android

Ulala is a new cooperative idle game for Android in which we will have a group of 4 warriors facing all kinds of dinosaurs of the Stone Age.

A pretty quality title in Spanish and that is left to play from the first moment. Being idle our main task is to equip the protagonist and decide when we want to face the next final boss to follow our wanderings in this Jurassic world.

Among the best idle


The idle are a very special genre and that in mobile gaming they have taken a lot of importance due to the conditions of playing with a mobile. As we do not have a control or a mouse, the player is saved a lot of time by not having to use the movement controls and he takes more care to improve his team or decide when to enter battle.

Apart from that they also have that while we do not play our team continues to adventure for their world generating benefits; let's say it is like a slot machine that you leave it running and when you return you can collect everything generated.

And that's where the Ulala gameplay comes in so that from the beginning we can create the protagonist of this story between several classes and choose the gender of it. The truth is that here the game is very well treated and from the beginning we get fully into its mechanics. Then later we will meet our team of adventurers who will help us in our journey.

Is it a MMORPG Ulala?


Ulala calls himself an MMORPG, but we think that designation is far away. Although we are going to participate in cooperative games, really we are facing an online multiplayer game. That is, we do not have that persistent world or areas where apart from fighting, we can see players doing all kinds of tasks as if it could happen in Black Desert Mobile.


That said, cooperative items allow us open the group for other players to enter and so the fun multiplies exponentially. Just as you can open your game, you can enter that of others from the dedicated menu for it. This gets the feeling that we are not alone playing this game called MMORPG, but that is far away.

If you have some RPG, but it is more in improving skills and equipping our warrior as they pick up loot according to we are finishing with the final bosses. That by the way, at all times we can move on to the next and thus pass levels quickly, although if we do not pull a card, we will have to leave the game that works in the background so that at the time we can raise money to improve and those things.

And all with your pet


Another positive point of Ulala is the pet that will accompany us. We have not had time to get some, but you will find a variety of them and you will have the possibility to upload their attributes to make them grow. This completes a very round idle that has some very positive aspects.

Technically it is a very well worked game and we I really like the character design as well as the environment through which our adventures are directed. That it is in Spanish is a great point in favor and in general it has a very good average in all the elements to find very weak points. Perhaps we stay with the freemium and that will force us to wait to eliminate the next final boss; and it is that there will come a point where we will die easily.

Ulala is a good idle for Android and that that of cooperative items adds a great experience. The truth is that it is a game to enjoy accompanied, so do not cut yourself and enter those open games with other players. It is an idle online cooperative to enjoy now.