SmartFit, the new Woxter smart bracelet that will make your life easier

SmartFit, the new Woxter smart bracelet that will make your life easier


Smart bracelets are beginning to have more presence in the market, so Woxter has not wanted to stay behind and has presented a new team. With the aim of making our lives easier, the company has created SmartFit, an ideal device for perform the most everyday actions without any effort.

The SmartFit offers excellent features, including two modes of use, gesture control and touch screen. The device has a 0.91 inch screen and has a resolution of 128 × 64 pixels, which allows you to display up to 32 characters, perfect for reading messages without having to check your smartphone.

This smart bracelet is made of TPU, a Skin-friendly material and is waterproof (IP67 certification), so it can be used underwater. Its thickness is 8.6 mm and it is available in black, blue, pink and orange.

Likewise, incorporates a long battery life with a capacity of 75 mAh that offers an autonomy of between 5 and 7 days, so the user will not have to worry about the load. Even so, the device shows the consumption so you can keep a better control and it is easy to recharge via USB connection.

Woxter SmartFit stands out thanks to a variety of functions offered. On the one hand, it helps not lose detail of your smartphone thanks to the vibration it emits and the notification message that appears on your screen when receiving calls (identifying the caller) or application messages (including WhatsApp, SMS, networks social, etc).

Similarly, the device includes a sports assistant, which measures aspects such as the time you spend exercising, as well as the steps and the distance traveled or the burned heats. This is complemented by the sedentary notice, which will let you know when you have been sitting for a long time to do some kind of activity or movement. You can also check the history of days and months to control your sports activity.

Another of the most useful features of the SmartFit is the sleep monitor, since say if the user sleeps well or not and help improve sleep quality When monitoring it, remember when to go to sleep and when to wake up. The SmartFit It also works as a remote control To manage the camera of your smartphone, and when it is lost, you can press the bracelet and the mobile start ringing to find it easily.

As for price and availability, the Woxter SmartFit is now available at a price of 34.90 euros. You can also purchase packs of bracelets independently to change the color of the SmartFit for 9.90 euros and thus make it more versatile and fun.

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