Portable SSD with fingerprint scanner ┬╗ERdC

Portable SSD with fingerprint scanner ┬╗ERdC

Samsung T7 Touch: portable SSD with fingerprint scanner

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Today the circumstance arises that many of the computers sold on the market come with 256 GB of internal storage at first; there are even those cases in which they only have 128 GB of storage. It is true that users have the ability to replace internal storage with a larger one or opt for portable hard drives. However, most portable storage units they have no protection; This does not happen with desktop computers; which are password protected or have a biometric scanner to keep your files safe. This creates the inconvenience that anyone can access their personal files on their portable device. Samsung You have sought a solution to combat this problem; for it has announced a new portable SSD that has a built-in fingerprint scanner.

The new Samsung T7 Touch SSD, it has a fingerprint scanner; This is located on the top of the device. Its function is to scan the user's fingerprint before granting access to the files it contains. The hard drive is very versatile, since save up to four different fingerprints; This is very useful for those users who share the drive with a colleague, family member, or anyone.

The hard drive It is enclosed in an aluminum box. The company has said that this can survive falls of up to 2 meters. The device has a USB-C port; next to it an LED is positioned which lights up when connecting and transferring files.

The T7 Touch has more to offer; It has write and read speeds of up to 1,000MB / s and 1,050MB / s respectively. As expressed by the company; This is twice the reading and writer that supported its predecessor, the Samsung T5.

From the last days of January the version of 500 GB for a price of $ 129.99; meanwhile the version of 1 TB will be priced at $ 229; the version of 2TB which will have a price of $ 399. The device will be available in two colors; these are black and silver.

A version of the device that lacks the fingerprint scanner security system be announced by the company; So far it is unknown what the price of this is. Its availability in the market will begin in the second quarter of 2020.


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