Ordia is a very satisfying casual experience at all levels

Ordia is a casual game for Android in which you embody a new way of life that you have to look for beans to take root in a world that at first is quite hostile.

Whether jumping, bouncing, sticking to the walls or sliding for them, you will have to look for your life to go from one point to another with this very nice way of life for having a single eye; And sometimes quite expressive.

Take advantage of the laws of physics to progress


Ordia generates a very satisfying experience by being able to create the right environment so that let us orient with a gesture of our finger the trajectory where our form of life will be launched. This can roll through a gallery to bounce off a wall after obtaining one of the ten special items in the level.

Little by little you will discover that knowing how to guide the trajectory well, with its closed or more open curve, will sometimes allow us to reach distant points. If we use the logic of the law of gravity a bit, we will be able to obtain those special objects that will allow us to score more points.

So, from the first level, we will go catching the trick to the game to make gestures more intuitive and we don't have to rethink how to use the launch. That is, if we make a downward gesture from the way of life and lengthen it, the power will be greater. And so it will happen the other way around if the gesture is shorter in extension to drive less, but that will allow us to reach shorter areas.

A free, but premium game


Ordia is able to generate a very enriching experience when we get the point to use the gestures, since we will begin to jump and jump to even skip some points and get faster to the end of level.

As we pass those levels the thing will get complicated, apart from that we have to get those 10 "totems" special to complete them; Apart from that it is one of the objectives of the game, which is to finish them completely.

We must say that we are facing a free game that allows us to play at 4 levels without paying a euro. In order to progress we will have to go through the box and pay the 5 euros It really costs Ordia. That is to say, that the free version helps us to decide if it is worth paying for this very well designed casual and that it has a very satisfactory gaming experience at all levels.

30 levels spread over 3 worlds


In total Ordia has 30 levels in 3 worlds. And for the first two we've played, the difficulty curve is ideal. We will find beings that will make things difficult for us and at each step we will have to start breaking our heads a little to devise the combination of movements that allow us to complete the level. It has very special moments, and that is precisely why we are hooked on games of this type, since they often relax many and cause addiction of that we do not need to be stuck to the screen for hours.

Visually and technically it is a very attractive game, look where you look at it. When we have a good way of controlling the way of life, we are going to have a good time jumping and bouncing. The object physics is very well achieved and very real Just like this other game we talked about a few weeks ago. It has a very own design language and very bright colors that make it a game experience. Everything related to sound has also been treated very well and in general it immerses us in our own experience and that is why we will pay its 5 euros; And worth it.

Ordia is a casual high quality platforms in which you are going to have to incarnate yourself in this new way of life that wants to germinate and sow its seed through a hostile world, but at the same time very magical at all levels.

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