Little X2: release date

After months of speculation and rumors, we already have the first official information of the future Little X2how are your release date and some other detail, which we are going to tell you now, about successor of Pocophone F1.

It is expected that the Poco X2 encompasses the best of the high-end, but always respecting the pocket of potential buyers, as happened in the previous generation, where the value for money was unattainable by any other smartphone in the competition.

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Little do we know for now

After months of rumors, finally an official means of the brand has given some kind of information about the next product of the brand, owned by Xiaomi.

Through its Twitter account in India, the brand has announced the arrival of Poco X2 shortly, specifically the February 4 at 12:00 (India time, which are the 7:30 am in Spain).

This tweet takes us to a web page where they announce, already in an official way, the name change, since it does not continue with the F1 nomenclature of its predecessor and is called, as we are telling you, Little X2.

The web tells us that we better open it with a mobile phone. If we open it with a terminal with a 60 Hz screen, it tells us that this technology we have on the screen has two decades behind it. If we use a terminal with a 90 Hz display, it tells us that it is not the maximum available, so we assume that the next Little X2 incorporate a 120 Hz display.

Image - Little X2: release date

There are more details that we see on this website about the Poco X2, as the processor you are going to use is Snapdragon, that the main chamber be 64 megapixels or that the liquid refrigeration.

Those rumors that pointed out that the Poco X2 was going to be very similar or practically the same as the Redmi K30, seems to be very well on track.

Image - Little X2: release date

Anyway, we will have to wait in case from the brand we want to continue offering clues until the day of the presentation or if, on the contrary, we will not know anything more about Poco X2 until then.

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