Learn how to activate Drop In on Amazon Alexa

Learn how to activate Drop In on Amazon Alexa

Last year, Amazon launched the Echo Show with a touch screen, which for the first time allowed users to make voice calls through their Echo devices. Shortly after, Amazon is another feature called Drop in, with which a person can go through the Echo devices of their friends and family when they feel like it. This function is different from a normal voice call because it allows you to connect automatically, as long as your contact also has it. For those who have multiple Echo devices in their homes, this can act as an intercom system or a baby monitor. Although this raises certain (potential) privacy concerns, Amazon has done a pretty good job to make sure you have as much control as possible over those who can shop around for your life. However, by default the function is not activated in any contact, so you should know how to activate Drop In in Alexa to manually grant access to your devices.

Step 1: Download the application

alexa amazon application

First, make sure you have the Alexa application installed on your Android or iOS device (and that it is the most recent version). Drop In must work with all currently available Echo devices, although, obviously, you will need two different Echo devices to work: with the application, sometimes you can visit other devices, although you cannot receive a Drop In call (but you can receive voice calls) After downloading and activating the application, you will be asked to configure Alexa calls and messages. If not, touch the text balloon at the bottom of the screen to log in and enter your contact information.

Step 2: Activate Drop In on your devices

how to activate Drop In in Amazon Alexa

Normally, Echo devices will have Drop In activated automatically, but it is important to verify that this is the case with yours. Go to the cone in the upper left corner of the Alexa app and open the drop-down menu. Choose Device settings and select each of your Echo devices.

In the Echo device settings, look for the section that says Communications. This will have a section of Drop in. Make sure it is activated. You can choose between enabled, disabled and only at home.

After activating Drop In on all your Echo devices, you can communicate with devices in your home by specifying Alexa the Echo device you want with your voice. If that's the only thing you need, you're ready! But you can also activate contacts away from home if you wish.

Step 3: Activate Drop In on your profile

how to activate Drop In in Amazon Alexa

To communicate with Drop In through Alexa applications and others can do the same, you also need to activate Drop In on your profile. It is very simple. Simply choose the communication bubble at the bottom of the Alexa application and then choose the cone of Drop in to the top. Then a message appears explaining how to activate Drop In through My profile. When you're there, make sure the section of Drop in It is activated.

Step 4: Activate Drop In for your contacts and ask them to do the same

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This is the time to activate Drop In for other contacts. Select the communication cone again, choose Contacts in the upper right corner and select the contacts you want to talk to. Vers that have Alexa calls and messages under their name if they have an Echo device or an Alexa account, which means you can activate Drop In for them. Low Permissions, make sure the option Allow Drop In It is selected for contacts that you want to give permission to communicate with your home device.

It is important to call your contacts and ask them to do the same with your contact information; otherwise the communication will be unilateral. In addition, if you want to establish Drop Ins for your children or family members instead of simply devices, here you can create contacts for them and activate those Drop Ins to be able to call them by name.

Step 5: Start calling

Amazon echo to use Drop In on Amazon Alexa

When the configuration is ready, simply mention the activation word of your device and ask it to connect through Drop In with the person you want. You can also make a call from the page of Contacts.

When someone searches for you through the Drop In, your Echo's light ring emits a green pulse, sounds a tone and will automatically connect, so they can hear anything within reach of the device. If your contact and t use devices with a screen, the video will appear somewhat distorted for a few seconds to give you the opportunity to become more presentable. Take into account that you can deactivate the video at any time with a voice command or from the screen.

If you do not want to receive calls through the Drop In (after all, who wants their friends to know what they are doing every second of the day?) You can activate the Do not disturb mode in your Echo to block the Drop In function until the deactivate

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