Do you like crazy games? Here are some of the most curious

Kill aliens with a whale jumping buildings: pure surrealism

In the Android game Ookujira We will be a whale that frees the world from aliens by killing it while we jump between buildings.

Although there are many repeated ideas in the Google Play Store we must recognize that from time to time we come across some original proposals.

Last week we leaned more towards minimalism and design with Empty but on this occasion we preferred to get closer to the bizarre world of Japan, where giant monsters and aliens seem to be our daily bread.

And as in any good proposal of series B the buildings are also protagonists, or rather they are collateral damages, because they never end up standing.

Kill aliens with a whale jumping buildings: pure surrealism

Because we all have a whale inside

In Ookujira We will take control of a whale that has decided that she is the right animal to free the planet from an invading race.

To do this, he will jump from building to building collecting crystals and destroying spacecraft. You have to be careful because as everyone knows if a whale bounces on a terrace or roof of a building nothing happens but if it falls to the ground of the street or to a garden then death. We have said it: surreal.

As we move forward by simply pressing on the screen to perform a simple jump or a double jump we will increase and decrease in size depending on the elements we are taking.

We do not have a definite end and we simply have to try to go as far as possible without ending up in the dream and destroying as many more ships as possible. It will help us to press the lower V-shaped button that will crush the buildings.

If we want we can take pictures with the integrated camera and share them with the applications that we have installed on the mobile.

Kill aliens with a whale jumping buildings: pure surrealism

The game is free although it does have some integrated purchases that are nonetheless optional.