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Intel patents folding smartphone that becomes tablet »ERdC

Intel patents folding smartphone that becomes a tablet

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With so many brands of smart phones working on a mobile device with a folding screen or registering several patents related to a similar design, another company not so familiar in the smartphone segment has joined the list: Intel. The popular desktop processor manufacturer has patented a new design which refers to a foldable smart phone, which has the ability to become a tablet when it unfolds.

In addition, it is said that the company is very attentive to the progress of this technology in the future along with several manufacturers of screens, including LG Display, BOE Technology, Sharp and Samsung Display, among other.

Intel patent smartphone with folding screen; look for interest in the segment

If research shows that these new types of screens actually contribute to a positive user experience, Intel says accelerating development of these products, which currently continues constantly in the background. The company wants to make sure that the additional advantages and functionalities that devices with these types of screens can offer can really cause an impact on use diary of potential clients. In this way, they will know if it is worth boosting the development and research around this field which takes a relatively short time in the market, and an It has a lot of room for improvement.

Folding design with surround screen style

The design of the phone that Intel has patented is a bit similar to a surround screen design. This is because the folding screen has the ability to wrap around the housing. The patent shows that the phone consists of a large flexible screen and, when folded, the screen remains exposed.

The screen extends from the right side to the entire rear. It seems that most of the surface of the device is covered by the screen, which gives it a modern look. At the bottom there is a wide button, which can be used to display the smart phone.

The left part of the device seems a bit thicker since it houses all the necessary components. However, it seems that the case is quite thin. In the images it is not revealed where and how to place the company the module of the camera.

Another Intel product with folding screen

Earlier this month, during CES, Intel had demonstrated its first prototype of a Folding laptop, nicknamed Horseshoe Bend. It has a 17.3-inch folding OLED screen and looks like any other folding laptop. It seems that the manufacturer wants to enter the sector of devices with flexible display. We will be aware of the developments that arise in this regard.


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